Harry’s great results with ‘Green Smoothie Shot’


‘Harry’ swears by his ‘Green Smoothie’ every morning!

Harry’s great results with ‘Green Smoothie Shot’

*** NOTE: This is Donna, I’m telling this story on behalf of a friend and customer. Let’s call him ‘Harry’, as he doesn’t wish to be identified.

Harry didn’t just set a narrow goal to achieve a particular weight, by whatever means necessary. Through meditation and visualisation he created an ‘established intention’ to live his life at a lower weight, and enjoy consequently better health, by consistently implementing a healthier eating and exercise lifestyle.

Harry told me his personality type ‘suits routine’ …

For example, he prefers to have the same breakfast every morning. So, I helped him design a smoothie recipe he liked, and it wasn’t long before he was feeling the benefits of ‘everything inside working better.’

He loves that new feeling and swears by my ‘Green Smoothie Shot‘. I have to agree… I have consistently seen the ‘Green Smoothie Shot’ deliver ‘stellar’ results in getting customer’s sluggish digestive systems functioning efficiently again. It did the same for me too.

Green Smoothie Shot - fermented greens blend

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Harry’s not sure exactly how much weight he’s lost, but …

He looks very different now! Much slimmer, and healthier. He’s definitely lost a substantial amount, and he did it (the right way) gradually. Consequently, he’s feeling happy, relaxed, and he’s easily maintaining regular healthy eating habits – we tailored to suit his personality.

Well done, Harry! Keep up the good work. We are proud of you.

Thanks for letting us use your story (albeit anonymously) – we know you are shy.