Healthy Food Guide …   for Superfoodies

The SuperFoodies healthy food guide begins with:

Stocking the Pantry

With some basic macronutrient helpers in the pantry you’ll be surprised at how convenient it is to blitz up a smoothie or superfood treat. Nature is about to provide the delights of summer fruits and prolific vegetable gardens presenting many choices for our smoothies and so many reasons to have our superfood helpers ready in the pantry.

Take the healthy food guide first step and make a thorough initial investment with stocking superfood powders and you will find it economical going forward to top up your supplies. Get started!

Healthy Food Guide for Superfoodies “Pantry Start up Offer”

We want to help you get started stocking the pantry so are offering a start up package at $120. This package includes green smoothie shot, sacha inchi protein powder, maqui berry powder, cacao powder and chia seeds. Five products normally priced at $150.85. This is a 20% saving for you.

Probiotics – Fermented Powder

The Superfoodies healthy food guide recommends probiotics everyday. At SuperFoodies we have formulated our own unique probiotic fermented greens powder for this reason and for convenience. The “green smoothie shot” addresses gut health and contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help balance our intestinal microflora so that we digest our food more efficiently and nutrients from our food can be more easily assimilated. This naturally probiotic fermented powder is made from certified organic ingredients providing a nutritional boost of vitamins particularly the vitamin B complex group. A healthy gut aids the detoxification processes and helps support the immune system.

Become a Smoothie-holic

HEALTHY FOOD GUIDE - BECOME A SMOOTHIE-HOLICThe third step for the healthy food guide for Superfoodies.

Smoothies can be a meal replacement or just a snack and at the same time elevate our health and feelings of wellness. They can keep us feeling full for longer, maintain energy levels and help us to maintain a healthy weight. Tastes and textures will delight and satisfy you and it is the easiest way to load your nutrient intake.

Let’s get Organised

Here is the Superfoodies healthy food guide pantry recommendation so that you will be perfectly prepared.

Sacha Inchi protein powder, chia seeds, Lucuma powder, maca powder, maqui berry powder or blueberry powder, cacao powder and cacao nibs. The green smoothie shot.

Sacha inchi protein powder

We need protein to help curb our appetite, keep blood sugars stable, support a healthy metabolism and weight loss, prevent muscle wastage and assist in recovery from sport or illness. Read more>

Chia seeds

Provide calcium, iron magnesium as well as the omega fatty acids for memory and concentration. Low GI with protein, chia seeds help you feel satiated and energised for longer. Read more>

Maca powder

For the endocrine system (your hormones, thyroid) Maca is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress and combat fatigue. If you haven’t taken maca before this is one product to start carefully with because some people react to maca with nausea or a sore stomach. Start off with only 1 tsp just to be sure. Maca tastes great in smoothies as well as having it’s benefits. Read more>

Lucuma powder

A low GI natural sweetener which tastes great, contains beta-carotine to support the immune system, eyes and skin. Iron, calcium, more vitamins and minerals. Read more>

Cacao powder/nibs

High levels of antioxidants and magnesium, such a delicious superfood with so many uses. Read more about Cacao powder> or Read more about Cacao nibs>

Maqui Berry powder

Extremely high in antioxidants, delicious addition to smoothies and treats. Aids detoxification. Read more>

Green Smoothie Shot

Natural probiotic greens powder. Probiotics are absolutely necessary for the efficient digestion of our food and gut health. Some experience reduction of bloating and find weight management easier with the green smoothie shot. Read more>