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Superfoodies founder Donna Davidson’s primary passion has always been in the health, fitness and well-being arena.

After working in the Superfoods industry for several years, Donna experienced a personal health crisis which forced her to look for natural, potent ways to boost her immune system and reduce her dangerously high cholesterol levels.

She was so impressed by profound benefits of incorporating superfoods into her diet that she wanted to let others know about superfoods. Knowledge of the benefits of superfoods was confined to a small niche market at the time and even now is just beginning to break into ‘mainstream consciousness’

Donna created this website and authored a series of three Superfood Recipe Books to share her superfoods discoveries with like-minded people.

Alongside Donna, the Superfoodies Team has recently expanded to include two new additions, who bring a world of experience to the business and Very Naturally, to their customers.

Andjelka has spent 20 years in the food and service industry, based in Milan, Italy, and also ran a food retail business in Venice. Her eye for detail, good taste and good health is a key driver in her food experience.

Xenia, raised in South America, started her superfood journey in 2004 exporting Amazonian superfoods worldwide. She has intimate knowledge of the Superfood business, and has a passion for discovering healthy, high quality superfoods from around the world.

Together, Donna, Andjelka and Xenia’s varied backgrounds combine to deliver the Superfoodies range, a powerhouse of superfoods they have found to be life changing – they hope it will be for you too!

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amazon support initiative

Superfoodies contributes towards the Amazon Support Initiative that is designed to give back to the marginalized communities from which its Amazonian products are sourced. It does this by way of donating a % of the cost of the products sourced from the Amazon and applying the funds to the projects that it supports in this region. This means that any customers buying Amazonian superfoods through Superfoodies are automatically contributing to this cause.