Berry antioxidant breakfast bowl

I asked my good friend Grace if she had a favourite superfood recipe and was looking forward to her reply. Grace grew up in Brazil, South America, and original home to many of our superfoods. She wrote:

I do have a favourite recipe! When I feel like a bit more than a smoothie for breakfast I make a Berry Antioxidant Breakfast Bowl – this is basically a berry sorbet, as follows:


150ml oat milk (can also use fruit juice such as apple, pear, and grape)
1 banana or 1 mango
1 Tbsp. freeze-dried maqui berry powder (can uses blueberry or camu camu)
1 Tbsp. soaked chia seeds
1 tsp. lucuma (this is to sweeten a little if needed)
200g frozen berries (I like using frozen blueberries)


I whiz this all up in a blender so that I get a thick sorbet, then into a bowl and sprinkle some toasted muesli and chopped bananas on top. Yum! Gives me loads of energy all morning, I don’t feel hungry again until lunch time and I know that I will be getting all of my antioxidants for the day. Give it a try; I hope that you like it too!

Kind regards,