NEXT mag April 2016 Cover featured Elle Macpherson

I nearly fell off the catwalk when I saw NEXT mag’s April issue … Whamo! 

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, launches her own Superfoods company! Yay? Super.

I admit to mixed feelings. While I’m glad to have such a high-profile Antipodean woman, for whom I have enormous respect, now extolling the virtues of superfoods, the prospect of her competing with me in my own backyard, just as my own more modest superfoods company is taking off, is a tad disconcerting.

I suppose I can understand it, really …

She’s a woman of impeccable taste; she’s smart, well-informed, into health and fitness – not surprising for a woman whose nickname is ‘the body’ – but now, at age 51, Elle’s facing the challenges of not being young and bullet-proof any more. Hence, her recent ‘discovery’ of the wonderful health benefits of ‘superfoods’ that many, including myself, have been enjoying for several years now. The NEXT article tells the story of Elle Macpherson’s breast cancer scare and subsequent search for better nutrition to support her immune system. No surprises there; she found superfoods!

On her new diet regime, incorporating superfoods, Elle tells NEXT that she found relief from bad digestion, fatigue, listlessness and aching joints. She soon started researching to find out why? – and discovered that ‘overly acidic pH levels’ had been the cause of her ills and that it was ‘rebalancing them from acid to alkaline’ that had made such a huge difference for her. Elle Macpherson became a superfoods convert.

Elle embraced superfoods with typical celebrity-type enthusiasm …

By launching her own range of Welleco (see what she did there?) superfood products, complete with celebrity endorsements from Kate Moss and Kate Hudson and her own brand of superstar marketing. Just to be clear, I have nothing but respect for Elle and her many incredible modelling and business achievements. I also have no doubts that Elle is totally genuine in extolling the benefits she and her family are currently experiencing with superfoods (Grab NEXT April ’16 and read her inspiring story for yourself) …

Alkalising Greens Powder - from Elle Macpherson

BUT, then … 

I noticed a ‘suspicious similarity’ between Elle’s Alkalising Greens Powder … and my own uniquely blended Green Smoothie!


Here’s why it aroused my curiosity (and in case you’re reading this, Elle):

Several years ago, when I was formulating my superfoods products for

I worked closely with my Australian supplier to formulate the absolute best supergreens product I could possibly design. It would be the greens powder blend I personally wanted to use, but couldn’t find on the market at the time.

We designed every ingredient to be complementary, working together synergistically for maximum potency and benefits …

That we achieved my goal is backed up, not simply by our confidence in the quality of the ingredients, but, because since then we have received a constant stream of customer feedback telling me of their improved gut health, weight loss, increased energy, and feelings of improved ‘balance’ and general well-being. Just like Elle, in fact. And meGreen Smoothie Shot - Fermented greens blend

At the time we created it, I was assured that my supergreens powder was (then) a ‘unique blend’ of ingredients. And it still might be. But only just. Elle’s blend has a suspiciously similar list of ingredients. I mean, in dim lighting you’d be hard-pressed to spot the difference as they sashayed down the catwalk together. Of course it could simply be a case of ‘every woman’s nightmare’… turning up to a big event coincidentally wearing the same dress as another woman!! If that’s the case, Elle, as another woman, I can completely understand. How embarrassing! I can sympathise.

In fact, I’m starting to realise that Elle Macpherson and I may have lots in common …

We’re two ‘ok-looking’ Antipodean gals in the business of taking the ‘superfoods message’ to the masses. We could easily be ‘best buds’ / BFF’s, if you will … if we actually lived in a world where Elle knew I existed. No need for handbags at 10 paces, or stilettos between the shoulder blades. I could even be persuaded to overlook the Elle-fant (see what I did there?) in the room of those ‘suspicious similarities’ between our supergreens products.
Nothing like it - says Elle Macpherson

Elle, I did have to ‘chuckle’ when I read this on your website ….

Nothing like it, Elle? Really? Another Elle effrontery (see what I did there?) !

She’s making this difficult, but … at the end-of-the-day us ‘superfoods gals’ need to stick together. So …


COMING SOON:  Which ‘greens product’ will deliver you the best results ? Here’s a vital factor to weigh up … how many of the ingredients are FERMENTED?


Eat better, think better, and feel better

Donna Davidson and her unique fermented greens powder superfoods smoothie


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