Fresh versus Dried Superfoods, I personally believe in and work with both.

When I am time poor I’m so grateful to have my stash of dried superfoods in my pantry so I can whisk up a delicious and satisfying smoothie and be on my way to take on the day. When I have time to spare and have been fresh produce shopping I enjoy experimenting with produce in season mixed with my superfoods.

The variety of tastes and nutrition in dried superfoods I know I can bank on and they are as easy as having stock in my pantry. Fresh produce is not always at your fingertips, unless you have a prolific garden….lucky you. So I say “have it all” when it comes to Fresh versus Dried Superfoods.

Here are some Pros and Cons for fresh versus dried superfoods.

Fresh food is best when:

1) You know you are buying or gardening organically.
2) Your produce is harvested at its peak nutritional stage.
3) Your produce is stored in a cool place or refrigerator.
1) Using fresh produce requires “TIME” for organisation, storage, planning, and preparation.

Dried Superfoods

1) Are normally harvested at their nutritional peak and then processed to lock in the nutritional profile.
2) You can safely buy organic and see where the product is from on the label.
3) Storage is more convenient and takes up less space.
4) No produce preparation in the form of cutting, washing etc.
5) Less shopping.
6) Less planning ahead.
1) Nothing beats fresh seasonal produce. It is delicious, nutritious and the different seasons produce different treats and possibilities.