Donna Davidson drinking her daily Green Smoothie on the deck

There are so many healthy breakfast recipes to make a green smoothie and I love experimenting with them all!

However if you are a “time poor healthy green smoothie wannabe” but need some guidance, I’d like to arm you with suggestions and knowledge so you can create your very own superfood green smoothie to suit you. No recipe required, just some practice. Your green smoothie can be made in just a few minutes.

This is the green smoothie I make for me, designed as a healthy breakfast and setting me up for the day. I find this green smoothie sustains me till lunch time, it somehow takes the edge off my appetite and makes me feel comfortable all morning, and it is enough for me. However if you want to eat other food as well then there is no reason why you shouldn’t but just remember that approx. 20 mins after having this green smoothie you will feel quite comfortable and you will be charged with good nutrition and energy.


A blender OR I often use a hand held blending stick because they are sooo easy to clean and I find this saves time. Preferably buy a strong one though so that you have more options for foods to chomp and it won’t break.


Sacha Inchi Protein Powder.
Chia seeds
Green smoothie shot (fermented probiotic greens blend)
Raw Organic Maqui Berry powder
1 banana frozen or fresh (frozen helps to cool your smoothie and maybe make it thicker) Freezing bananas is a great way to keep your supply up. Less trips to the shops!
1 other piece of fruit (a kiwi fruit, handful of berries or handful of fresh pineapple pieces)
1 medium-sized glass of filtered water / or coconut water can be used / plus 2 good dollops of natural yoghurt.
Or, as an alternative liquid, a medium glass of your favourite milk, (almond, soy or dairy)


In a blender place the water or liquid of your choice. Add:

1 Tbsp. chia seeds
1-2 Tbsp. sacha inchi protein powder
2 tsp. green smoothie shot
1 tsp. maqui berry powder
Add your fresh fruit
Finally add your yoghurt, if you usually like using it in your smoothies.

If you like a really cold smoothie, you can also add some ice. Blend everything to a nice consistency, drink immediately and enjoy! Or leave to stand for a thicker texture, if desired.



These measurements are to get you familiar with the servings. Two people could share this green smoothie if you added more liquid and maybe 2 tsps. maqui berry powder. However I have something like this every morning all for ME and vary between pulling back on the ingredients or being heavy handed. A lot depends on how hungry I am if I’m exercising or if it is going to be a busy day with little time to access good food.


From here you can substitute or add ingredients according to your personal preference. Sometimes I add Maca powder (for hormonal health support for men and women). Maca also has a lovely vanilla flavour. If you are feeling like some sweetness add some Lucuma or yacon powder. Don’t forget we have blueberry powder as well. If you have plenty of silverbeet or spinach in your garden then throw some in as well, it will complement the green smoothie shot powder. Whatever I add, for my morning green smoothie I always have chia seeds, sacha inchi protein powder and the green smoothie shot as my foundation ingredients they are not negotiable for me.

Green Smoothie Benefits

Chia seeds, maqui berry powder and the green smoothie shot are all amazing detoxifying ingredients. Taking these superfoods every day, you are slowly detoxifying your whole body and because it is so gradual you won’t have any of the nasty detox symptoms like headaches and nausea. The protein from chia seeds and sacha inchi protein powder is what sustains you and gives you a comfortable feeling. You will learn to crave this feeling.

When I first took these superfoods I lowered my cholesterol from 7.3 to 4.8 in 3 months. Obviously I can’t make any guarantees here, but this was my experience. I receive amazing feedback from my customers who, by a large majority, experience similar results. So, I say, ‘give it a shot’.