While most people are aware of it, the fact that breakfast is the most important meal in our daily lives is often overlooked. This is mainly because most people have to work, and don’t believe they have the time for a healthy breakfast. However, it is still a fact that during the night, the sugar level in our bodies is depleted, and having a nutritious breakfast is more than advised. This is not only to keep our metabolism¬†going, but also to increase our concentration and productivity, avoid untimely cravings, and simply be in a good mood throughout the day. But it is still a fact that for the majority, having a toast or two and a cup of coffee seems more practical than losing time on preparing food. Thankfully, healthy breakfast recipes based on smoothies can be a solution to this issue.

Smoothies –¬†Healthy Breakfast Recipes

These healthy breakfast recipes of smoothies normally consist of fruits as well as other ingredients mixed with water, or other suitable liquids. While the most commonly used fruits include blueberries, bananas, avocados, and lucumas, other ingredients that are generally used include cocoa and coconut oil for more health benefits and added flavors. Moreover, for those of us who still do not have the time to chop fruits for smoothies, alternatives like Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder or Raw Organic Lucuma Powder can be used. While there has been some debate on on whether these hold less benefits than fresh fruits, it has been proven that if blueberries are frozen right after the harvest, there will be nearly no difference between the nutritional values of fresh blueberries, and the Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder. Additionally, the latter tends to offer creamier smoothies in contrast to fresh fruits.

As for the liquid used in these healthy breakfast recipes, if water is the most common option, yogurt and milk can also be used to add more nutritional content, flavor, as well as more consistency to the smoothies. They also offer a good supply in calcium, an essential aspect of breakfasts.

With healthy breakfast recipes of smoothies being this easy to make, there are no excuses left for people to miss out on having nutritional, yet delicious breakfasts.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes