Now winter is upon Kiwi-land …

Here’s how to boost your immunity from nasty viruses …


Donna Davidson after a run on the beach in New ZealandWinter has arrived here in Kiwi-land … and you and your family are suddenly faced with the need to boost your immunity from nasty viruses … so I thought I’d quickly address this pertinent issue in this quick ‘Blog EXTRA’.


Healthy GUT = Healthy BODY and MIND …

This has been my message from the start … I’m now hearing it echoed in the media on an almost daily basis. With winter about to seriously kick in, it is definitely time to take probiotics every day; this needs to be your first step, before you even reach for your high doses of Vitamin C.

Probiotic literally means ‘pro-life’ …

It is used to describe products which include micro-organisms that are beneficial to health. On- going research continues to find that ‘friendly probiotic bacteria’ seem to work directly with the immune system. Further research has shown that friendly bacteria, or the chemicals they produce, can penetrate the intestinal wall and stimulate immune cells to form.

The word ‘translocation’ was created to describe the passage of live bacteria from the intestine to the lymph nodes and to other organs such as the spleen and liver. It has been proposed that strains of Lactobacillus may be able to translocate and survive for many days in the spleen or other organs and stimulate immune function.

So you see, this is where it all starts, and is why we need probiotics every day …

Because I designed it myself, I know that if you take my naturally probiotic ‘Green Smoothie Shot’ every day … you’ll have all your bases covered to boost your immune system against those nasty winter viruses. So, before you reach for your vitamin C, consider boosting the overall health of your immune system first.

Being strong and healthy means you will be able to enjoy, rather than endure Winter, this year.   FIND OUT MORE >>


COMING SOON: In my next blog, I’ll reveal more about why fermentation is so important to all of our future health and dietary plans. I’ll also supply more links to expert information and research to support this argument.


Eat better, think better, feel better

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