There is no better time of the year to enjoy Lucuma than Summertime.Lucuma fruit If you’ve taken heed of the SuperFoodie healthy food guide and stocked your superfood pantry with some Lucuma powder then you are ready for some of the best smoothies and icecream treats.

We love Lucuma firstly because it is so good for us. Rich in beta-carotine for immune support together with calcium, phosphorous and iron for energy. Lucuma powder is a low GI sweetener so it helps stabilise our blood sugar and even out our energy levels. All these health helpers and then comes the best part. Lucuma tastes Delicious!!! A light maple-citrus flavour, Lucuma is a peruvian fruit (quite fleshy something like a pear crossed with a mango), it is the most popular icecream flavour in Peru. So how could I not introduce you to Lucuma icecream after that rave? This recipe truly is this easy and it truly is delicious and satiating (full of protein) YUM!
Perfect for the summer mid afternoon cravings.

Luscious Lucuma Icecream

Luscious Lucuma Icecream In a blender or food processor place:

1/2cup lucuma powder
1cup cashew nuts (soaked for 2 hours then drained)
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1/4cup coconut nectar
a pinch organic Himalayan salt
1cup water
Cacao nibs to garnish

Blitz all together in a blender or food processor and freeze. It is ready to eat after 1-2hrs in the freezer. The longer it’s in the freezer the harder it gets, it may have to sit on the bench to thaw a little if it has been in the freezer for some time. Garnish with some Cacao nibs.

For a Lucuma Smoothie:

Lucuma powder is a great addition to any healthy smoothie, however this time I’m erring on the side of decadence and convenience, with those mid to late afternoon blues in mind. Here is a truly decadent smoothie treat that is a very healthy pick-me-up

Lucuma and Cacao Smoothie

Lucuma and Cacao Smoothie1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp Lucuma
1 Tbsp Cacao powder
2.3 Dates (soaked for 10 mins if using dry dates)
1 Long glass of almond milk (or milk of your choice)

Blitz all together in a blender or with the trusty hand held blender stick. So easy but so hits the spot.

Lucuma is a delicious addition for raw snacks, cakes and treats especially if you are eliminating refined sugar in your diet. You must definitely try the Luscious Lucuma Icecream recipe even if you are not an icecream lover (like me) you will love it.