Maca charged Sacha Inchi Smoothie (Small)

This is my latest Smoothie recipe. I go through fads and this is my current fuel. The Maca supports my endocrine system for hormonal balance/thyroid support.


A blender OR I often use a hand held blending stick because they are sooo easy to clean and I find this saves time. Preferably buy a strong one though so that you have more options for foods to chomp and it won’t break.


1 Tbsp SuperFoodies Sacha Inchi protein powder
1 Tbsp SuperFoodies Maca Powder
1 Tbsp SuperFoodies Chia seeds
2 tsp SuperFoodies green smoothie shot
1 tsp Superfoodies Maqui Berry powder
1 Banana frozen or fresh
2 Good sized Feijoas Yum!!
1 glass filtered water
1 serving of natural yoghurt


Put water in blender, add all the powders, then your fresh fruit and blend till thick and well combined. Ready to GO!

Sacha inchi protein powder Benefits

Why? Because a good protein powder is the foundation for a complete superfood smoothie. It is the ingredient that will keep you sustained, stop you from getting those awful mid morning empty feelings. Sacha inchi protein powder is my pick because it is gluten, dairy, soy and whey free! No additives.