SuperFoodies Chia Seeds are another “must have ingredient” for your superfood pantry. When added to your morning smoothie or cereal they will help you to feel full and satisfied for hours. Chia seeds are low-glycaemic so keep your energy going for longer. Apart from being nutrient dense chia seeds have some beneficial unique characteristics; they swell in your stomach and then pass through to aid elimination, leaving you with a comfortable light feeling. Chia is known to support detoxification. Chia seeds can become glutinous when left in water so if you want your smoothie to become thicker just let it stand for 20 mins.

Ingredients: Organic Black Chia Seeds (100%)

Serving suggestions:
Add 1 Tbsp. to your smoothie or juice. Add to cereals, energy bars or baking.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size 5g (1 tsp.)
Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 268kj 1790kj
Protein 3.07g 20.5g
Fat – total 4.72g 31.5g
– saturated 0.45g 3g
Carbohydrate – total 2.7g 18g
– sugar 0g 0g
Sodium 0.03mg 0.2mg


Reseal after opening and store in a dry place away from sunlight.