The Benefits of making ‘Real Food’

Here is an article from a local Whakatane newspaper, about one of the ‘Real Food’ seminars I conducted with my friend, Debs Cederman-Hill.

We taught ways of making healthy food from delicious recipes and how to incorporate superfoods and ‘real foods’ in your family diet.

Attendees discovered the benefits of / and how to make fermented vegetables, Bone broth soup, Healthy meals, Smoothies and Superfood snacks.

Debs and I had the best time putting together our recipes and ideas for organising a healthy diet that is easy to manage with just a few ways of shopping, storing and preparing food using quality fresh food and superfoods.

We have had pages of thrilling feedback from the 32 lovely people who joined us. We are pleased that so many attendees told us they left feeling excited, informed, motivated and armed with helpful tips.


ARTICLE: SEPT 26, 2014

Real food made easy article

Whakatane Bay weekend newspaper (26 September 2014)























Your ‘Real Food’ feedback …

If you attended one of our ‘Real Food’ Seminars, but didn’t send us your feedback yet, we’d still be grateful to hear from you. – Donna and Debs.