smoothie tools

1) I usually use a hand held Kenwood tri blade blender to mix my superfood smoothies because:
a) It is faster to set up (unless you have a nice big blender permanently sitting on your bench top.)
b) It is easier to clean than a large bench top blender, just release the wand and rinse under water or place in dish washer. I know a lot of people struggle with the cleaning of a blender and the time and effort deters them from making a smoothie.
c) A large blender is great if you are making smoothies for more than 2 people.
d) I have broken other hand held blenders while making smoothies and chomping through hard ingredients (like the hard core of a pineapple) so I recommend the tri blade because it has a steel wand and 700w power. It seems to handle the hard stuff, it is still economical to buy. (Often see it on special.)
e) My tri blade hand held blender is easy to take away with me when travelling, so no matter where I am I can whip up a smoothie. (All I need is a power point.)

2) A Chopping board and sharp knife to cut up fresh fruit and vegetables for your smoothie.

3) A glass that you enjoy drinking out of just to make your superfood smoothie even more enjoyable and add your own little ritual to the experience. Drinking out of a glass that you respect may sound strange, but truly it enhances the taste! You wouldn’t like to drink your glass of wine out of a plastic tumbler, would you?

4) A set of measuring spoons. Although I often guesstimate my measurements, I still like to use measuring spoons.

5) A long parfait style teaspoon to get the last thick part of your smoothie from the bottom of your glass


I do sometimes use a bench top blender, when the mood takes me or if I am concocting a very special brew. You will find what kind of blender suits your needs. I just like to emphasise the ease and speed of using a hand held blender for the ‘time poor’ advocate.