I’m pleased to tell you that I am having a smoothie every morning and my Green Smoothie Shot and the great thing is, I have been able to stop taking the Laxsol tablets that I have had to take for years. I decided to stop taking them straight away because they aren’t life threatening (just uncomfortable if it didn’t work) to see if the Chia seeds and Green Smoothie Shot made any difference immediately and I’m pleased to say it has and I’ve never been able to go off these tablets before, so now I’m regular as clock work and without medication…wahoo! Now for the extra good news, I have lost 2kgs in just under 2 weeks of using the Chia Seeds, Cacao Powder and Green Smoothie Shot so the products are obviously cleansing my body well. I’m using all natural 100% pure coconut water in my smoothies and a frozen banana which is awesome. Thank you so much for your recommendation and supplying such great products.

From Michele M