Superfood Popsicles are so easy to make!

Your kids will love them … but don’t tell them they’re healthy popsicles!Turn superfood smoothies into delicious, healthy popsicles (ice-blocks). They’re ridiculously easy to make!

Treat your family and friends to the healthiest, tastiest popsicle/ice-block they’ve probably ever eaten!

I live in the sunny ‘Bay of Plenty’ where we’ve being lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous hot summer this year … and it’s continuing into autumn. I’m sorry hear that many of my friends who live in other parts of NZ haven’t been so lucky … until now.

The rest of New Zealand finally seems to be getting a few consistently warm days in a row, and I hope they continue into a warm, stable autumn. It might make up (slightly) for the rubbish summer many of you experienced. That is, after this crazy weather bomb we are all enjoying right now has passed! LOL.

Maybe this yummy treat will help you create a few ‘warm weather memories’ …

Surprise your kids … turn superfood smoothies into delicious, healthy popsicles (ice-blocks, if you’re a Kiwi and Ice Lollies, if you are from the UK). They’re ridiculously easy to make.

Your kids will love them! They’re yummy, flavour-packed ‘superfood popsicles’ ideal for warm days. Or anytime you feel like a cool treat.

Superfood popsicles (ice-blocks) are cold, delicious, refreshing and full of energy-enhancing nutrition. Instead of discarding leftover smoothies, make sure you freeze them in your popsicle moulds, so that you always have a stash on hand for your afternoon ‘rescue’. LOL.

Here is one of my favourite popsicle recipes:

It is full of antioxidants for cellular protection and protein to satisfy that empty feeling. I find that kids often love berry and fruit smoothie popsicles best – because they’re flavour-packed and super delicious. And they won’t even know they are healthy! These healthy superfood popsicles are a great way to avoid the sugary, unhealthy ice-creams and cordial-based alternatives. Enjoy …


Raspberry Popsicles / Ice-blocks / Ice Lollies

Serving size: makes 8 Ice-blocks /Popsicles
Time to make: 5 minutes, plus 2 hours freezing timeSuperfood Popsicles, treat your family and friends to the healthiest, tastiest popsicle/ice-block/ice lolly they’ve probably ever eaten!


1 cup raspberries -fresh or frozen
1 banana-skin removed
2 teaspoons maqui berry powder- or acai berry powder
1 tablespoon lucuma
1 tablespoon sacha inchi protein powder
1 tablespoon date paste-or a few dates soaked for 15 mins in a little water

2 cups almond milk-or water


1. Place all ingredients into a blender.
2. Blitz until a smooth texture appears.
3. Pour into ice block moulds with sticks and freeze until set hard
4. Take them out and suck, lick, dribble and slurp ’til your heart’s content.


PSPlease, tell me what you think of them by leaving a comment below.