After years of ignoring my cholesterol, I decided to have it tested …Donna Davidson drinking her daily Green Smoothie on the deck

In late August 2010, I was living in Australia when I had my first cholesterol test. It was a total of 7.3 and I was advised to seriously consider taking medication; especially because my mother had died of angina (with high cholesterol) at the age of 64 and actually had her first heart attack at 54.

I was shocked at my high cholesterol result, because I’ve been a fitness fanatic all my life …

I’m not overweight and I eat a healthy diet! What more could a girl do?

I decided to try a few natural remedies like taking apple cider vinegar every day, but that had little impact. In July 2011, when I first discovered superfoods, I decided to try having a superfood smoothie every day for 3 months, and then have my cholesterol tested again.

In October 2011, I mustered the courage to have another cholesterol test…

The result not only WOWED ME, but stunned the nurse who was reading them out to me over the phone. I was down to a total of 4.8 with all the LDL and HDL proportions in the right balance. (I have the result sheets to prove this.) No more high cholesterol! I was amazed and surprised to achieve those results in just 3 months.

The only thing I’d changed in my diet was … adding my daily superfood green smoothie!

I already had a low fat diet charged with fresh vegetables so there was nowhere else to turn. Apart from lowering my cholesterol I also discovered I enjoyed my morning smoothies and realised I generally felt more comfortable in my skin.


Eat better, think better, and feel better

Donna Davidson and her unique fermented greens powder superfoods smoothie


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