Donna Davidson’s pre-superfoods history …Donna Davidson - founder of on Beach in New Zealand

Prior to founding her cutting-edge superfoods website,, Donna Davidson was probably best known in her home country of New Zealand for creating the up-market women’s lingerie store, ‘The Silk Drawer’, in Parnell, Auckland, in the 1990’s.

Donna proved that even in the tough economic times that followed the 1987 crash there could still be a high demand for her imported exclusive Italian ‘La Perla’ brand of lingerie. In a market dominated by cut-price lingerie brands, such as the slickly marketed, high-profile Bendon line, Donna’s success confounded many fashion industry experts of the time.

Donna’s primary passion has always been in the health, fitness and well-being arena …

As a qualified aerobics instructor, Donna received her diploma from Lords Gym in Perth Australia and trained at Jane Fonda’s Workout Studio in Beverly Hills.

Donna was chosen to teach aerobics classes for New Zealand’s first Americas Cup yachting squad as they prepared to challenge for the famous ‘Auld Mug’ for the first time. This was the inception of the exacting fitness programs the elite sailing squads practice today.

These days Donna practices yoga every day. She also swims, meditates, and runs on the beach near her North Island home in Ohope Beach – as often as the weather permits.

How Donna Davidson discovered superfoods through a personal health crisis …

After working in the Superfoods Industry for several years, Donna experienced a personal health crisis which forced her to look for natural, potent ways to boost her immune system and reduce her dangerously high cholesterol levels.

In conquering her own health issues Donna experienced the profound benefits of incorporating superfoods into her diet. She was so impressed by her results that she wanted to let others know about superfoods. Knowledge of the benefits of superfoods was confined to a small niche market at the time and even now is just beginning to break into ‘mainstream consciousness’.

Donna created this website to share her superfoods discoveries with like-minded people …

At you will not only be able to obtain Donna’s favourite and most potent superfoods to try for yourself, but you’ll also enjoy Donna’s personal guidance on how to live a healthy life, that is both sustainable and joyful.



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